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Keep Your Pets Cool During Summer 2024 | 5 Best Tips

Keeping our pets cool during the summer is vital to protecting their health. High temperatures can be dangerous, causing heat stroke and overheating, severely threatening our furry friends. As responsible pet owners, we must take extra steps to keep them safe and comfortable in hot weather.

This article provides five easy tips for keeping your pets cool in the summer so they can enjoy the season safely.


Tip 1: Provide Plenty of Fresh Water

Pet drinking water from a bowl with ice cubes

Keeping your pets hydrated is crucial, especially in hot summers. Make sure they always have fresh water available. Place water bowls in various spots indoors and outdoors. Check and refill the water often to keep it fresh. 

Adding ice cubes can cool the water and encourage them to drink more. A pet water fountain is also a great option, as it keeps the water flowing and relaxed, which pets find more enticing.


Tip 2: Create Shady Areas

Pet Dog relaxing Under Petbrella outdoors

Creating shaded areas for pets outside in the summer is essential to prevent overheating and sunburn. Like us, pets can get sick from too much sun heat. To give them enough shade in your yard or outdoor area, plant trees or use petbrella, tents, or shade cloths where they like to stay. 

These structures block direct sunlight and provide excellent spots for pets to relax. Also, place their water bowls in shaded spots to keep the water cool and easy for them to reach, which helps them stay healthy in the heat.


Tip 3: Avoid Hot Pavement

Dog Stoped walking on pavement

Walking pets on hot pavement can hurt their paws, causing burns and discomfort. Pavement can get much hotter than the air—up to 50°F hotter—leading to painful burns and blisters on their paw pads. To keep your pet safe, walk them during more relaxed times, like early morning or late evening, when it’s not as hot. 

You can also use paw balms or booties to protect your paws from direct contact with hot surfaces. These steps will help keep your pet’s paws safe and comfy when you’re out in the summer.


Tip 4: Watch for Signs of Overheating

Signs of pet overheating, such as excessive panting

Watching for signs of overheating in pets during the summer is essential. Look out for excessive panting, drooling, tiredness, and reluctance to move. If you see these signs, immediately move your pet to an excellent, shady spot and offer them water. You can also gradually dampen their fur with cool (not cold) water and use a fan to lower their body temperature. 

Avoid too much exercise in hot weather and know your pet’s limits. Recognizing and responding to overheating can prevent heat-related severe illnesses and keep your pet safe and comfy all summer.


Tip 5: Use Cooling Aids

Dog lying on a cooling mat

To help pets stay comfortable in hot weather, consider using cooling aids. Use  mats, vests, and bandanas to regulate their body temperature. These products often use cooling gel or breathable materials to provide relief from the heat. 

You can also try DIY methods such as placing damp towels on pets or using fans in well-ventilated areas to improve air circulation and lower temperatures. 

Encouraging pets to swim or play in water can also effectively cool them down. By using these cooling aids and methods, pet owners can help their furry friends stay cool and enjoy the summer safely.



As summer temperatures rise, it’s crucial to prioritize our pets’ health. Follow these simple but effective tips to protect pets from the heat. Extra care can make a big difference in keeping our pets comfortable and healthy. They depend on us for their safety and well-being, so let’s take proactive steps to ensure every pet thrives during the summer heat.

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